Gambit Plugin Updates for April 2018

When Gambit was established, we had a goal that drove us – to simplify and revolutionize the WordPress world. It sounds a little fluffy, but since the beginning, we wanted to give people an avenue to make great things happen. How we wanted to achieve this is by building the resources in order to do so. For example, our plugins.

But what we’ve come to realize recently was that we won’t be able to do this properly unless word gets out that we exist. That we want to make this happen. That Gambit is a thing, and that our stuff will help you get the job done.

So, in order to do this, we’ve decided to work harder to establish a transparent, online presence. This article is part of the first step to making this happen.

Updates for Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder

Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder has been updated to version 1.2.1. There are 2 features that we’ve made some updates to:

  1. Row Separators – Bug fixes. Uploading custom SVG icons can now be done more seamlessly for faster user experience.
  2. Isometric Tiles – Fixed compatibility issues with Yoast SEO; Isometric Tiles should now work alongside Yoast SEO without error message pop-ups

Each feature of Super Bundle is also available as a standalone plugin. The standalone plugin versions of the two features above have been updated as well.

Updates for Stackable – Ultimate Blocks for Gutenberg

We’ve also added some new stuff on to Stackable, now version 0.4. We’ve added 3 new blocks in addition to the 14 we already have (now 17 in total).

New Gutenberg blocks:

  1. Card – A simple shadowed box you can use to showcase sections of your page. Add images, text, and buttons altogether to make a card.
  2. Pricing Box – Showcase your products and their prices, including short descriptions and buttons. You can also edit the colors of the boxes along with its text.
  3. Header – Welcome your customers to your page with simple, sleek header. Upload an image and adjust its tint, and add header text and up to 1 button.

That’s it for now! We hope you guys can check out our updates and our future blog posts. We have a lot more in store for you in the upcoming months!

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